Louvre Curtains - The Freedom of Stripes

Louvre Curtains - The Freedom of Stripes

Not so long ago white slatted curtains were known only as drab, boring privacy and sun protection in offices or sterile medical practices. Times change.

Thanks to the variety of colors and appealing patterns, the slatted curtain is becoming increasingly popular even in the private sector. Louvre curtains are elegant and decorative - especially with modern designed furniture and construction. You can let a lot of light into the room by adjusting the slats accordingly and with a small hand movement, the slats are rotated and your slat curtain protects against sunlight and too prying eyes.

Many advantages speak for slat curtains

A great advantage of slatted curtains is her adaptability. Large glass fronts can easily be darkened by means of a louvered curtain. Slatted blinds can be integrated precisely even in pitched roofs. The individual slats can be adjusted according to the structural conditions and individually tailored to your home. The opening and closing of a slat curtain is done by one-sided operation of a cord or chain. First you change the angle of the slats, if you move on, the entire curtain opens. The fact that you can fully open slat curtains is particularly useful when the curtain is placed in front of a patio door. Louvre curtains provide optimal protection against heat and are therefore often used in so-called energy-saving houses with huge windows.

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