Log Cabin - cozy and modern

Log Cabin - cozy and modern

The furnishing of a log cabin must match the type of wood. Today, there are many ways to make such a home modern and stylish.

Traditional wooden houses are rustically furnished. That's different today. Many furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of modern furniture to make a weekend house perfect.

Finding the right furniture

When building a log cabin, a wood species is an advantage, so that the colors do not seem restless. A pine house is made of darker pine furniture. Wood has the advantages that it is a natural and ecological building material. In the living room area it is possible to add a touch of color with a black leather couch and colorful cushions.

Colored or wall-covered walls in some rooms set new highlights. Such a wall design does not cost much money and offers individual possibilities. Colored furniture creates a cozy and warm ambience. Blue dining chairs on a wooden table, over which also a blue modern lamp hangs, provide that certain something. In the kitchen, red and blue colors look friendly. The latest electrical appliances provide an upscale standard.

Setting accents with colorful decorations

Perfectly placed decorations complete the furnishings. Many plants, floor lamps and a rocking chair harmonize well in a log cabin. Carpets in gray, orange and blue also look good in contrast to the wood. Colored gadgets are icing on the cake, not through wallpaper, but through curtains, pillows or rugs. Decorations are a matter of taste. Properly placed, they are harmonious and provide comfort and well-being. But beware: Too many decorations create unrest.

Light plays in connection with wood are romantic.

Light plays a major role in the construction of a wooden house. How the light should fall must be calculated beforehand. Wood darkens over the years. LED and reflective elements have a positive effect. Large windows provide enough light in the cabin. For darkening, colored curtains are ideal. Well-suited are color-coordinated textiles such as blankets, blankets or towels in the bathroom.

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