Lock for the garage door - the best tips

Lock for the garage door - the best tips

burglaries are unpleasant - especially in the house, but also in the garage. Therefore, owners should secure the garage door with reliable locking

Who builds new, has the choice between different garage door systems. Two-wingers face slidable entry-level doors, the swinging gate and a retractable gate in the floor. Whichever system the client chooses, he should have an anti-burglar protection gate installed for all of them.

Automatic gates with locking in the drive rail are the safest

One of the safest variants of locking is automatically operated gates with a door lock in the drive rail. Burglary protection means that closing the gates will automatically lock them. In addition, special Torabschlüsse complicate the levering. Locks of conventional doors can not keep up with this safety standard.

Snap lock as the safest variant without drive

A non-automatic alternative is snap doors, in which a pulley automatically grips around a solid steel bolt. Mechanical door variants cost depending on the system between 400 and 600 euros. A snap lock beats at around 80 euros.

The burglary-resistant automatic version of the gates, however, costs a surcharge of about 300 euros, so it is more expensive. However, in addition to optimized safety, it also offers more comfort.

Resistance class and TÜV seals serve as selection criteria

Resistance class RC-2 according to DIN EN 1627 is a statutory resistance class for doors and windows that stands for burglary protection. It also plays a role in the purchase of garage doors. Equally important purchase criterion is a passed TÜV examination. Also the seal of quality of the trade association doors, gates and frames can serve as selection criterion. Particularly important is a mechanically functioning locking system, as otherwise the gate is not secured in the event of a power failure.

Pay attention to grabbing protection for burglars with burglary protection

Beware of functors that do not have grabbing protection. In such gates intruders could tamper with the codes between the control element and the lock case and thus open the garage door easily. Grabbing gates usually work with unique codes to open the gate. This means that each time a new opening code is transmitted via radio. If a burglar picks up the code, he still can not use it because he is outdated.

Garage door burglary protection is difficult to retrofit

Careful construction planning and locking selection is important because burglary protection on the garage door difficult to retrofit. The beginning of a retrofit usually makes the removal of the old gate. Only then can the landlord use the new security gate. Conventional gate systems can not be effectively converted to security gates. The total price of the retrofit is therefore more expensive, as the fitter will have to spend more time.

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