Living as a Student: Finding Affordable Housing

Living as a Student: Finding Affordable Housing

Starting studying or training in a foreign city brings with it hurdles. A cheap housing option must be found.

Get out of the Hotel Mama and into your first apartment! That sounds good, but also means more costs. Students and trainees can often apply for financial support, and church or private providers or associations offer, for example, rooms for a dorm and WG opportunities under certain conditions; you just have to know the possibilities and find the right person to contact in the respective city.

Inexpensive Housing has become a rarity

Low-cost housing has become rare in many cities. Inventiveness is therefore in demand for those who, due to their studies or training, are not yet earning enough of their own money.

Unusual housing offers, such as retirement homes, social housing or housing in problem areas, can be very cheap if, in return, you make a few commitments , If you do not want to experiment and still want to live cheaply, try the dorm or a shared room. However, the waiting lists for dormitories are long.

Conveniently living against social support others

One way to get cheap housing, there is, for example, when moving into a house with older people, which helps in everyday life a bit under the arms , according to the principle "living for help". Meanwhile, there are already many initiatives nationwide, which rely on residential partnerships between young and old. The student lodgers offer themselves as household or gardening and shopping assistance. Nursing services are of course excluded. There are also actions in which students can move into retirement homes, here the rent is usually cheap and can still be reduced by regular cooperation.

In Duisburg-Marxloh there is a project called "Swap Education for Housing". In the socially deprived neighborhood, up to six students can share a place in a shared flat when they help out 20 hours a month in a social education project. They are mentors in the district to improve the educational opportunities of the children living there. It is primarily about tutoring for the children. The project has already been awarded.

Subsidies such as BAföG, BAB and Housing Benefit Application n

If you are short of cash, you can also apply for funding (BAföG). This can be done if the budding tenant does not have enough income and wealth, can not provide sufficient support for his parents and he is already enrolled in a university. BAföG gets only the one who moves to the training location and is not older than 30 years old. After the fourth semester or the intermediate examination a proof of achievement is to be provided.

For the initial education and a dual study one is entitled to vocational training allowance (BAB), if one does not have enough income and the trainee has to move to the place of study If the requirements for BAföG and BAB are not met and the rent can not be met alone, it may be eligible for housing benefit, for example, if it is a secondary education or the subject has changed. Housing benefit is given in the form of a rent subsidy, which depends on income and household members.

It is worthwhile to inquire in advance in the respective city about the possibilities for cheap housing and housing projects.

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