Lighting in the walk-in wardrobe - the best variants

Lighting in the walk-in wardrobe - the best variants

For every woman, a walk-in wardrobe is a highlight. To stay in the dark, you need the right lighting.

To properly install the lighting in the walk-in closet, the color of the walls and shelves is important. Light surfaces reflect the light better than dark ones. That's why more luminaires need to be installed on dark shelves. Illuminated glass surfaces are exclusive.

Halogen lighting illuminates the room

Halogen lamps not only save energy, they also emit warm, natural light. They have a high color rendering value, much like natural sunlight. Depending on the size of the room, a halogen lamp will suffice on the ceiling.

LED lighting

LED lamps are slightly more expensive than halogen lamps. In the long run, the additional expenses pay off. LED lamps are durable and offer the best quality of light. Immediately after switching on the light is there without delay. This is usually not the case with energy-saving lamps.

Walk-in wardrobe - Ceiling lighting

A small walk-in wardrobe often requires ceiling lighting with LED or halogen. A lampshade made of glass produces warm light and thus a feel-good atmosphere. For an additional light source could provide an illuminated mirror. Whether installed as a single element or in a closet door, it brings additional light when dressing.

Battery-powered LED strips

Often only a retrospective corner of the bedroom is converted into a walk-in wardrobe. Especially in the desired corner, it hapers with the power lines. A good alternative to this offer LED light strips with battery. Equipped with a motion detector, they always ensure good lighting at the right moment.

LED spotlights get to the point

With the swivel arms, spotlights bring the light precisely to the object. By attaching wall or ceiling lights creates a warm, bright light in the room with this lighting. Even darker corners in the walk-in wardrobe can be put in the right light.

The perfect lighting

Individual lighting makes a walk-in wardrobe a highlight. The LED glass shelf lighting frames glass shelves excellently. Every piece of jewelry or the shoes are ideal. LED strip lights let the light shine on shelf walls or floors. Lighting strips and batten luminaires are also suitable for indirect ceiling lighting.

Ceiling luminaire: what does it cost?

We answer these and many other questions in the price radar around the subject of ceiling luminaires.

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