Illumination in the garden

Illumination in the garden

The light in which a garden shines is in the truest sense a question of lighting. Ideally, it not only serves as an orientation, but also provides atmosphere in a very unique way.

What is required is not just the mere placement of lamps. Rather, it depends on homey ideas for the outdoors. Every hobby gardener can choose from a variety of lighting options, from antique-looking floor lamps to modern light installations.

Care should be taken to work with different types of lighting in the stylish illumination of the garden. For example, small spotlights from the ground can majestically show off a tree crown. Floor lights give turf and beds specific highlights. Garden ponds can be illuminated with waterproof underwater lights and floating lights. On the terrace, for example, spherical garden lights produce a soft light. And even simple fairy lights, hung in trees or umbrellas, make for romance.

Even when it comes to the practical benefits, garden lighting can be made atmospheric: instead of irradiating a path with bright halogen light, provide the floor recessed lights, combined with some floor lamps, for a more pleasant atmosphere. An alternative is stones with small light-emitting diodes or low floor lights placed at the edge of the road.

Incidentally, a beautiful garden lighting no longer automatically leads to a high electricity bill. Many manufacturers now have energy-saving LED lights in their range, which consume very little power despite high luminosity. Otherwise, the use of energy-saving bulbs instead of ordinary light bulbs or timers instead of conventional switches can relieve the wallet. Or you can access solar lights that do not need any power at all and are also wireless.

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