Light Amazing - Atmosphere through Light

Light Amazing - Atmosphere through Light

A tasteful ambience in the home It's not just about furniture, colors and decoration, lighting also plays a major role.

The perfect interplay of individual, well-arranged light sources in a stylish design accentuate the furnishings and set the scene in scene. In addition: light affects our well-being significantly. Warm, diffused light gives comfort, spotlights that are focused on points accentuate and emphasize special elements. Lighting is ideal if, in addition to the design, the functional requirement is considered as well. The following considerations can help:

How intense is the luminosity?
How does the light spread?
Are the luminaires or the luminaires energy-efficient? Do the lights produce warm or cold light?

The larger the room, the more different light sources you can use. Check where warm light should provide comfort. At workplaces in the kitchen and in the office you need a clear illumination. A glare-free and clear light is also essential in your handicraft corner.

Ceiling lights create - in the middle of the room - direct and functional lighting, which can extend to the entire room depending on the size. In order to achieve an atmospheric light and a muted, comfortable atmosphere, dimmers are ideal for infinitely variable brightness control.

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Pendant lights with their soft light create a relaxed atmosphere, for example at the dining table. Basically, a pendant should be placed about 70 cm above the tabletop, so that the light does not dazzle and you still achieve optimal illumination. As a rule, pendant luminaires are flexibly adjustable in height. If this is not possible, for example with a Chandelier, then the larger the table top, the higher the light should hang. For elongated tables, several smaller pendant luminaires may be suitable, which are mounted in series.

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Wall lights and floor standing floodlights are predestined for indirect lighting. The light is reflected off the walls and ceiling, creating a warm and mild atmosphere.

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Floor, spot and table lamps are ideal for illuminating specific areas of the room. A classically elegant or even playfully designed floor lamp creates a warm, diffused light and invites you to a relaxing stay. The advantage of floor lamps is that they - like table lamps - are flexible. Table lamps are decorative and functional at the same time and can be positioned on side tables, on window sills and on the desk in the home office.

Design lamps can be found in many different styles. If you live in a minimalist or semi-minimalist manner, you will feel attracted by Spartan-inspired designer pieces. Correspondingly eye-catching designer lamps with ornaments, ornaments, etc. are suitable for a lively interior.

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Clean lines and discreet colors lend themselves to almost any furnishing style. An accomplished style break can complement a room with a fascinating eye-catcher. Combine rustic wooden furniture with exclusive lamps in brass design or add a playful pendant lamp for the dining table in a colorful design to your minimalist decor.

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These and many other questions we answer in price radar around the theme of ceiling light.

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