Light in the bedroom - step by step to beautiful light sources

Light in the bedroom - step by step to beautiful light sources

In the bedroom, cosiness should prevail - for sleeping and for romantic hours. This can be done with the right light.

1. Dimmable ceiling light in the bedroom

First, a ceiling light should be installed to illuminate the room as a whole. The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, but also the romantic hours for two. A powerful ceiling light is not appropriate as it is too bright and cold. Nevertheless, the lighting of a room on the ceiling begins.

The appearance of the lamp itself is decisive. It was meant to hide the light bulb, providing soft and indirect light. Suitable, for example, paper lampshades. Whoever wishes the greatest possible room for maneuver, sets up a dimmable light. So you can dress in bright room light, but cuddle in the evening in twilight.

2. With small lamps for more coziness

Next, places are determined where small lamps can stand. This can be next to the nightstand, next to dressers, shelves, the windowsill or even on the floor. The small lamps should also be fitted with lampshades so that the light does not fade. Colored lampshades in orange or terracotta provide warm light.

The size of the lamps may vary: Small lamps on the shelf or on the dresser look good next to larger lamps. The lamps should be stylistically matched. Small lamps do not have to be installed, but can be supplied with a cable and plug via the house current.

3. Illumination by candles

If the basic lighting is provided by ceiling light and additional light sources, decoration can be considered. Candles ensure a very romantic mood in the bedroom. They are therefore an ideal room lighting for cuddly hours for two.

Candles can be used as tealights on all shelves space (but it should be nothing directly above). Candles can be lit in small candlesticks, wall fixtures, large stanchions or lanterns. It is important that the candles are made out before going to bed, as no candle should burn when sleeping.

4. A Nightlight for Reading

There is a night light on the bedside table. This is ideally dimmable. So you can still read well in bed at the highest brightness level. Dimming the light makes it cozy and dim. Very practical are bedside lamps, which are also alarm clock. The wake-up-light is one of the best ideas: It turns itself on before the actual wake-up time and gets brighter. As a result, the sleeping person is already alert to awakening while sleeping. The highest brightness level is ideal for reading.

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