Leave the winter dripping outside

Leave the winter dripping outside

Winter is beautiful - no question! Snow and salt puddles in the vestibule are undesirable. With some tips, the winter debris will stay out.

Especially when the winter is rainy, cold and freezing, winter frost is a problem for a clean entrance area. Thawing snow is not welcome in the vestibule. Especially on a sensitive soil, road salt can also cause unsightly stains. Doormats and Co. make sure that the winter debris remains outside.

The right strategy against winter debris in the house

If you take a few tips into consideration, you will be on the safe side and leave the slush on your doorstep. Not only the right foot and dust mats prove to be useful helpers. Additional floor pads with side wiping edge against the coarse dirt and a shoe drip tray in the anteroom will help.

It is best to set rules for all house dwellers that help keep the slush out. Anyone who removes shoes and dirty and wet clothes on the doorstep is the easiest way to ensure that the interior remains clean.

Especially for families with small children, it makes sense to make this a habit in winter. The clothes can then dry or go straight to the washing machine if it is too dirty. Slippers are provided at the entrance, so no one is tempted to walk in the shoes.

Entrance Area Mudguards and Co.

In winter, a coarse outdoor matte entrance mat is essential. This is where sisal mats, materials with long bristles and rugs, which absorb moisture easily.

Functional dirt mats are available on the market, which ensure that less dirt gets into the living space. Dense brush hair absorbs fine dirt and moisture well. Even if the house or apartment is then once entered with shoes, less Wintermatsch gets into the interior. The mats can be knocked out as needed and are easy to care for.

The best way to combat winter debris is to equip the entrance area with two mats during the winter months: A coarse mat in front of the entrance ensures that coarse dirt does not enter the house. Inside, then lay out a finer mat, which is the best means against the light dirt. If it is very wet and damp outside, an extra old rag on the mat can absorb the moisture.

The rule of coming into the living area only with socks or slippers should become a habit for all residents.

Shoe drip trays in the anteroom against debris stains

The anteroom is additionally prepared against the winter debris: Shoe dripping bowls can provide for easier cleaning here. The damp or dirty shoes can be placed on the plastic drip tray. Slush and road salt do not get into the living area. Cleansing the bowl is a lot easier than having to constantly wipe the floor as condensation builds up from the shoes and forms puddles.

For dwellings or canopies it is advisable to place these drip trays on your doorstep, so even less dirt gets into the apartment.

Especially for apartment owners with sensitive floors or laminate, which does not tolerate defrosting, a good management against snow and slush in the apartment a great job. Taking care of the slush in the apartment, you have less work and can enjoy the winter.

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