Landscaping: Planning the Terrace - Tips

Landscaping: Planning the Terrace - Tips

A comprehensive garden design often includes a terrace. This is the airy continuation of the living area in the garden.

Consider the location of the open-air room in the garden design

Since the actual garden area ends in front of the terrace, its location must be included in the garden design. Many homeowners place them in front of the living room. Experience shows that most people like to eat on the terrace during the summer. Therefore, it is better if this is in front of the kitchen and is also easily accessible from this. If you like to have breakfast outdoors, you need a terrace that faces east, and an orientation to the west is more useful after work. In general, a compromise is required, because two terraces adjacent to a kitchen, are hard to realize. In addition, these restrict the garden design greatly.

In the case of angular bungalows, there is a terrace enclosed by the thighs of the Winkel. Here is often no further visibility and wind protection required. A plant around a corner of the house does not make sense, because such places are usually very windy and uncomfortable.

The size of terraces

"The bigger the better". Unlike a balcony, the width of a terrace does not cause a static problem. The optimal size results from the planned use. To make room for the table and chairs, the terrace should be one meter wider than the planned table length and wider than the width of the table plus 1.50 meters. In addition, there should be an area of ​​one meter wide for walking. If six people are to be able to eat comfortably, about three by eight meters are a sensible size. The exact shape, whether semicircular or curved, is a matter of taste, as long as a correspondingly large rectangle is present. A rectangular terrace takes up the least amount of space.

Choose the right floor

The floor must always have a slope of at least two percent, whether on a stone or wooden terrace. So the water flows away from the house towards the garden. The covering should be hard and even, otherwise the table and the chairs are not safe. So that the terrace does not become slippery in the wet, the surface should be rough or structured. Many lay frost-resistant terracotta tiles or plates from bank eggs. Likewise, special plastic tiles and artificial turf are excellent ideas to make the floor practical and beautiful. The most important thing is that it fits the character of the house. For example, modern materials are a break in style in a half-timbered house.

Creating a cozy outdoor space

The terrace is a transition between the house and the garden, and this idea should be incorporated into the design ideas. The optical separation to the garden should not hide this from the eyes. Well suited flower pots or benches without backrest, which are at the edge of the terrace. Instead of a massive screen against the neighbors openwork wooden lattice in combination with climbing plants are a better solution. Depending on the size, a well is also a design element. A barbecue is not always well placed on a terrace. This only makes sense if the wind usually blows the smoke in the direction of the garden.

Those who take these suggestions into consideration will certainly like to sit on their terrace in the summer.

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