Kochbox for creative self-cooking - what's behind it?

Kochbox for creative self-cooking - what's behind it?

In addition to a good recipe, a cooking box also provides the right ingredients. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of cooking?

Cooking boxes are always a good thing for working people who do not have the time to do their weekly shopping on the market or at the grocery store, but still want to avoid ready meals. In addition, you can look forward to creative recipes that inexperienced chefs would otherwise have to do without.

A cooking box provides fresh ingredients and the appropriate recipe ideas, so that there is the opportunity to eat healthy and versatile. Alternatively, vegetarian dishes, recipes with meat or fish can be selected from the respective supplier.

The cooking boxes can be ordered by subscription, either for two or more people. The ingredients are delivered exactly to the gram, so that no food remains that can not be used.

Cooking boxes can be ordered by subscription

The order principle works quite similarly for all Kochbox providers. The ready-packed boxes can be selected on the provider's website. The number of dishes per week can also be determined there and there is the possibility to exchange suggested dishes if you know that this recipe will not be tasty. However, only up to a certain date.

Some vendors work with celebrity chefs for prescription selection, others with diet concepts like Weight Watchers. The recipe selection can be viewed in advance.

The prices are between six and ten euros. If more weekly dishes are ordered, it will usually be cheaper.

Where are the disadvantages?

Theoretically, you can not go wrong with ordering a cooking box. The recipes are varied and there are no food left. The recipes are also feasible for beginners and the subscriptions can also be paused without any problems with all providers, when traveling.

The price is still a disadvantage, because this is well above what you otherwise have money for a home-cooked meal would spend. The recipe suggestion is also paid.

Also, the period in which the cooking box is delivered, is not something for flexible people. This is not specified exactly and lies in a time frame between four and five hours

The quantities are exactly calculated they can not be increased in any way. In addition, there is more waste than with a normal purchase.

Ingredients are often not clearly declared

Another disadvantage especially for allergy sufferers and people who suffer from a food intolerance is that there is little evidence of the origin of the ingredients per prescription on the website.

The consumer does not know what the organic content is and how long the vegetables have been stored. In cities, of course, the transport routes are limited, but in rural areas this is a problem. For fresh products there is no right of withdrawal.

Cooking boxes are also unsuitable for people with food intolerances. Although there are labels such as "gluten-free", but on the Internet, it is difficult to see at first glance whether there may be incompatible ingredients in a cooking box.

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