Kitchen island - from exhaust to cast

Kitchen island - from exhaust to cast

A kitchen island is the eye-catcher in the kitchen studio. In your own home, the solution is ideal for setting up an eat-in kitchen in large rooms.

Advantages and disadvantages of a kitchen island

The advantages of a stand-alone solution become clear as soon as one considers the spatial conditions. A kitchen island is a kitchen unit, which, in addition to the furniture that stands against the wall, finds its place in the middle of the room.

In order to use all cabinets and appliances sensibly, the island must be at a distance from the kitchen wall on the wall have at least 1.20 meters. This allows opposite cabinets to open simultaneously. On the other side of the island too much space is required. It makes sense to have a lounge or dining area in it.

The distances and the dimensions of the furniture result in a minimum room width of 3.50 meters. Interior designers advise rooms from 15 to 20 square meters. A kitchen of this size leads to long paths without an island.

It is particularly impractical to have a dining area in the middle of the room. A kitchen island is therefore a suitable solution. In a clean kitchen, it makes no sense, a combination of food and living is needed. Many regard this as a disadvantage, as it often does not look good in a kitchen.

Furthermore, the connections of the appliances and the discharge of kitchen odors are problematic. An alternative is to place the devices on the wall and to set up an island of cabinets and a working surface in the middle.

Installation measures

In the classic island kitchen, the tall cabinets and the lower and upper cabinets are located on one of the Walls. The oven is usually in one of these tall cabinets. In front of this kitchen front is the island, which consists of further base cabinets with a hob and a sink as well as a countertop.

If the floor is relocated, the connection of the sink and hob is not a problem. Electricity, water and sewage pipes can be routed in the floor to the main pipes on the wall. Solutions without new ground are difficult. They cause a pedestal in the room, under which the lines run.

For the discharge of the kitchen fumes a powerful extractor hood over the cooktop is necessary. This must divert the air to the outside via an air duct. A recirculation system with carbon filter is not enough to protect the dining area from cooking odors.

The costs for installation are limited. The laying of the cables costs depending on the length between 200 and 400 euros. In addition, there is the cost of a new floor, which depends on the type of flooring required.

Special furniture or appliances are not required except for the extractor hood.

A full kitchen with hob, oven, fridge-freezer, sink and cupboards is available for less than $ 2,500. Who wants high-quality equipment or materials, must count on a multiple.

The perfect kitchen

It makes no sense to plan a kitchen island, because they optically pleases. It is the logical consequence of the desire to integrate a dining area into a kitchen. It is also a good idea for small apartments, considering a kitchen in the living area.

The focus is on the planning on the dining area. If it is clear how much space it occupies, it automatically determines where the island must stand and how big it can be. Conceivable is a narrow form, with a depth of one cabinet depth, or a wide form, with a depth of two cabinets.

If the shape is fixed, it is important to determine the space of each device. Cooling units are due to their height expediently on the wall at a distance from the oven. Sink and hob find their place in the middle of the room. Between and next to these is ideally the work surface. It is impractical when a block ends with a stove or sink, because in everyday life, each cook needs at least a small parking space on both sides.

Since the lines are to be relocated anyway, it does not matter where the connections are in the room , A window is insignificant for ventilation, since the air is sucked out.

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