Kitchen helpers for healthy enjoyment

Kitchen helpers for healthy enjoyment

Clever kitchen helpers make it easy for heroes at the stove to cook well and healthy. Conscious enjoyment is the motto.

Smart appliances such as smoothie makers for fixed vitamin kicks, food processors for chopping fresh vegetables or container systems for steam cooking make cooking easier. The latter, by the way, serves the desire for healthy nutrition like no other.

Steaming is low in fat, preserves nutrients and flavor of the food. And that in the uncomplicated way: fish, potatoes, vegetables and - who likes it - even the dessert may be prepared at the same time. Professional cooking takes place in a vacuum bag at low temperatures. Sous vide means vacuum cooking. And for gentle steaming does not have a new built-in device ago. The trade now offers compact small appliances and steam garden pots that take over this job.

Smoothie - the liquid vitamin chip

Fresh foods are high on the menu. After all, they are strong in taste. Fruits and vegetables of the season are not only gently steamed or raw plastered, they are increasingly used as a liquid vitamin kick. In the powerful smoothie maker, vital substance dispensers such as lettuce and spinach are transformed into healthy drinks, more and more often to take away. Because mixing is often done directly in the drinking cup with closure and carrying handle.

Fresh cabbage gives salads the last whistle, serves soups as a basis, refines pasta as well as meat dishes. It gives cold and warm drinks taste and beautifully decorated desserts. In the low-fat cuisine herbs and spices take over the part of the veteran flavor carrier. Mint, chili, ginger and Co. take over the aroma. Clever herbal cutters and scissors make them small.

Chopping, grating, slicing in one machine

For the rough, ie fruit and vegetables, the manufacturers now have so-called food processors ready. Powerful motors and a number of cutting, grating and chopping units shred the healthy raw food in an instant. These kitchen machines are mostly multifunctional and can cut, chop, grate, purée and mix.

Fast, precise, economical. These attributes also apply to the increasingly popular induction technology. For example, to bring water to a boil, it takes much less time and only two thirds of energy than the classic electric plate. The principle: Flat copper coils under the hearth surface generate alternating electromagnetic fields. The heat is produced directly in the bottom of the pot, while the hotplate stays cold.

Induction hobs make mobile

Induction now even makes it mobile: More and more manufacturers are launching portable hobs with induction technology on the market that perfectly complement their home cooker. If, for example, the plates are not enough for family or friends during a multi-course dinner, the extra hob is used. The induction hotplates are also ideal for sociable sizzling at the table or for keeping food warm at the dining table. They can even be used on the road and outdoors. When grilling so eliminates the annoying run into the kitchen, because vegetables or potatoes cook so right next to the grill on the terrace.

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