Kitchen construction: How the professional

Kitchen construction: How the professional

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint seven out of ten customers who arrive with a finished kitchen plan. Even if they already have an accurate picture of their future kitchen in mind, they unfortunately forget little things: When measuring corners or edges are not considered or windows, radiators or wall projections overlooked. But that's exactly what it's all about in the end. Nobody wants his kitchen to close properly. Before we start with the construction, we look at the premises: habits and space decide what the future kitchen can look like. Large rooms offer plenty of space for kitchen furniture, otherwise you can create more storage space with a few tricks.

Connecting the devices correctly

The most important thing about kitchen design is to correctly connect the devices. It starts by looking at where the ports are. Then come the details, for example, whether the fittings are connected directly to the water pipe or to a boiler with a low-pressure fitting. Or, which valves are present: Kombieckventile or double connections for dishwasher and washing machine at the same time? With a Y or T coupling, the coupling piece should be firmly bolted to the supply line, because the automatic water stop mechanism of both machines only starts behind it. And for an incorrectly bolted clutch pays no insurance. Many customers do not know that ovens and hobs that have their own connection, need specially secured sockets. This also applies to washing machines, dishwashers and boilers.

Walls good, all good

At the latest when it comes to attaching the wall cabinets, you have to know what slumbers under the wallpaper: Depending on whether the wall, for example, from plasterboard , Stone or concrete, they have to be fixed otherwise. And who does not know where the power lines go, has a problem in the end. I've built quite a few kitchens in my professional life and can say: The devil is in the details and every kitchen is different, that's the appealing thing.

About the Author

Jens Drathschmidt is a carpenter and owner of mobaxx in Berlin .

His specialty is the kitchen assembly. He was already honored as a craftsman of the month.

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