Keep trees small in the garden - Tips

Keep trees small in the garden - Tips

Depending on the garden or on the terrace, it is beneficial to keep trees small.

An eye-catcher for the small garden

For reasons of design or space reasons, it is sometimes beneficial to keep trees small. Small trees are also suitable for keeping bucket on terraces or on the balcony.

In a front garden, a small tree, in contrast to a large specimen, is an eye-catcher. Large trees, on the other hand, absorb a lot of light and prevent the penetration of the sun's rays. These should only be planted in gardens with sufficient space.

Means to Keep Trees Low

A compact tree crown is important to prevent the trees from growing vigorously. Supporting the cutting off of foothills directly at the base of the crown. Depending on the strength of growth, pruning before spring and in late autumn is recommended.

Every two years it is advisable to prune the root ball in potted plants. This is done by cutting out wedges in the root area.

After thinning the roots, the tree returns to the same pot. The addition of new soil is necessary to fill in the gaps.

A shape cut is also very good for keeping trees in the garden small. Here a consistent cutting back is indispensable. As a result, all form trees can be kept in a controlled manner during growth.

Which varieties are suitable?

There are a number of trees that have a low growth height from the outset. From evergreen plants to fruit trees, such as the ornamental cherry, a large selection is available. As a rule, the height is between two and ten meters.

Not all plants are suitable for pruning. Maple or oak trees are not ideal trees for keeping small. Oak trees reach a height of up to 30 meters untrimmed. This variety is inherently too powerful to keep it permanently small.

Various fruit trees are well-suited for keeping in pots or for pruning. In the fruit trees are often special ornamental varieties such as the ornamental cherry available, which are not so great from the outset.

Boxwood trees are the ideal plants for the shape of cutting. The trees are very robust to the cutting. With the appropriate templates and tools can form beautiful shapes. This creates great accents in the garden or on the terrace.

The right care for small trees

It is important that the trees have enough liquid. Above all potted plants need a sufficiently moist soil, so that they do not suddenly shoot up when it rains. The addition of a slow-release fertilizer in spring also prevents it from growing too fast.

In order not to injure the branches when pruning, the right tool is important. This must be clean and sharp. The right time is also important, so as not to harm the plant when pruning. The temperature should not be below five degrees when cutting.

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