Kakebo - a budget book as a savings motivator

Kakebo - a budget book as a savings motivator

There's low tide in the wallet? Sustainable help for this concern is provided by the Japanese Kakebo, simply translated household book. It measures just 14 by 20 centimeters, fits in the smallest handbag and can thus help at any time in arithmetic.

Paper is patient

Usually man tries to save by writing an overview of his Provides finance. All receipts, all expenses, the latter like to round up to simplify the calculation. Listing alone, however, rarely causes Japanese pay and salary at the end of the month. Attention to spending may increase in the short term, but the newly awakened will to save succumbs just as quickly to the tempting consumer goods. After 30 days, the Asians are therefore proposing a coffin, as well as a first analysis of the spending behavior.

Relentlessly like Harakiri it's all about what's in the works.

The key to long-term success is motivational research. Thus, in the stylish booklet there is a decision matrix, which first asks for which purpose an acquisition should take place. The book contains a chapter with questions. "Do I need an item like this?" It says about there. Of course the answer must be honest, otherwise the financial efforts will be stuck in the beginning. If she says "No, I do not need it", she leaves the conclusion to the user of the book. It just asks, "What did you think you were doing?".

Hurry with while instead of hasty bad buys

If the thing is needed, however, the life planner encourages you to look for alternatives. He does this without pointing his finger, but with a friendly-looking piggy bank. It stands for the question of whether there is another way to do upcoming tasks? To borrow from friends about the sewing machine for curtaining curtains, instead of wearing something to the tailor. If something actually has to be bought, it is only necessary to clarify whether the purchase has to be made immediately or can be postponed.

Promise is promised

What may it be? Hotel instead of campsite on summer vacation, a new bike or simply play money for hobbies? In determining the savings goals there is freedom of thought and desire. Kakebo allows everything. However, the next section is binding: which promises should the holiday day be financed with, with which changed triviality can the higher quality model be paid instead of the cheap lawnmower? Written down at the end of the month savers see in black and white, at which point the household functions. And where there is still room for improvement. "Gracious and patient with himself." If every day two more packs of cigarettes were smoked and targets missed, the otherwise strict Japanese console, "Do not hang your head!" Assuming the required seriousness, the Asians trust to better meet their own requirements in the next month. And then soon there will be "finally enough money for everything" in the stock market, so it promises at least the book title.