Installing the Shower Rod - Step by Step

Installing the Shower Rod - Step by Step

A curtain prevents water from splashing into the bathroom during personal hygiene. The necessary shower rod can be attached in different ways.

1. Choosing the Right Shower Bar

Ideally, the bar should be installable without drilling. Telescope poles for clamping or a system for hanging on the existing support bar of the shower head are available. Adhesive systems are hardly available and can not cope with the loads.

If the curtain is to go around a corner, only one rod can be used for mounting or mounting with screws and dowels. So that the bar is stable, it usually has to be additionally mounted on the ceiling. Two fixing points on the walls are not enough.

If the curtain only has to close one side, telescopic poles are ideal. Important: These bars can only bridge certain distances. They can not be cut. The poles are available in different gradations, it is no problem to find the right length.

2. Determining the correct mounting height

The shower rail should be at a height such that the head of the largest person using the shower is below the rail. The shower curtain must extend well over the edge of the shower tray or bathtub. It makes sense to try the right height of the pole with the help of the curtain. On this occasion, it is easy to mark the mounting points on the walls.

3. Choice of curtain rings

Different curtain rings are available for shower curtains. If ceiling mounting is required for a corner pole, unilaterally open rings make sense. These can be pushed over the support of the ceiling support. For all other systems, rings are also possible that can be closed. The curtain can be lifted from the bar in both systems for washing with the rings.

4. Provide required tools

No tools are required to attach a telescopic pole. These poles are made up of two parts that can be twisted against each other to extend them to a length slightly larger than the niche. The suspension system is bolted to a carrier. Mostly a matching Allen key is included. Maybe a screwdriver is required. If drilling is required, a drill with a masonry drill, a hammer and a screwdriver must be available.

5. Attaching the rod

The telescopic rod is easy to mount. The foot of the pole is placed on one of the marked mounting points. Because the rod holds a spring inside, it compresses to force the other foot to the second mounting point. The rod holds in place by the pressure of the spring. The hanging systems are accompanied by detailed instructions. As a rule, they are two-part brackets. One part comes behind the existing bar and one in front. The connection is made by means of screws.

When mounting by drilling, the feet of the shower rod can usually be removed and attached to the wall with screws and dowels. Later, the actual poles will sit on these.

6. Hanging the curtain

Eyelets are attached to the curtains, into each of which a shower ring comes. These can simply be plugged onto the pole.

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