Installing Exit Window

Installing Exit Window

Rolf-Dieter K. from Reutlingen is an amateur radio operator and therefore wanted to have the possibility to reach the antennas on his roof easily and safely even at the age of 70.

The previous way over the balcony or the ladder was easy in the long run too dangerous. The solution to his problem: In the roof from the year 1983, an exit window should be installed. The window Rolf-Dieter K. had already bought, only for the proper installation, he was still looking for a suitable craftsman and came across MyHammer. The best offer on his MyHammer debut came from Dackdecker senior journeyman Helge Dahms, who eventually executed the order.

Despite initial difficulties in finding a date, Rolf-Dieter K. is enthusiastic about the result. The way to its rooftop antennas has now become much safer. He expresses the joy in his positive assessment: "Outstanding expertise and experience, swift and accurate at work. Window was there after an hour. "

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