Installing the front door with threshold? - Pros and Cons

Installing the front door with threshold? - Pros and Cons

As a rule, a front door is provided with a threshold, but even threshold-free installation is possible today. Both variants have their advantages.

Energy-efficient construction - threshold for thermal protection

Door sills are used for thermal insulation. An entrance door that connects directly to the ground would drag on the ground. Therefore, there remains a gap between the door panel and the floor, which the door sill should close. Correspondingly, a threshold is an alternative construction, which allows a virtually gapless connection of doors and ground without door loops.

Without the constructions, heat from the building escapes through the remaining gap between front door and underground. Drafts and moisture also enter, which increases the risk of deterioration and heating costs. As a consequence, the energy efficiency of the house falls. In the age of energy efficiency buildings, thresholds for the purpose of sealing and thermal insulation are therefore standard.

Barrier-free living - installing a threshold-free front door

Door thresholds are a decisive disadvantage that gains in importance in times of more conscious assistance for the disabled: the risk of tripping. Absolutely barrier-free offer only threshold-free buildings. This is not only relevant for people with disabilities. Age-appropriate living also equates to barrier-free living.

A maximum threshold height of two inches is usually surmountable, but the higher the age or degree of restriction, the more likely it is to be sleeper-less.

For more accessibility, the installation of entrance doors to be gripped back on Manget double seals. Two magnetic profiles in the floor area and two magnetic strips in the front door make the door without the threshold as dense and energy-efficient as standard door constructions.

When closing the front door, the magnets make contact and the magnetic strips in the door pull the magnetic profiles upwards. The front door is sealed in this way water and heat impermeable. However, the price for the installation of a construction is higher than that of a conventional door with a threshold.

Magnetic double seals - age-appropriate and energy-efficient house doors

Nowadays, the use of magnetic technology no longer causes any loss of energy. Regardless of the additional costs, the installation of a threshold-free magnetic door, especially for age-appropriate construction, is therefore a recommendable step. The magnetic structure can also be retrofitted.

However, the ground floor level of conventional houses is generally not at street level, but is elevated from the street due to drainage. Retrofitting for more accessibility therefore also includes a ramp construction that compensates for this height difference. Only to mount the front door with magnetic double seals and to dispense with the height adjustment makes little sense in a conversion.

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