Insect screen - life without punches

Insect screen - life without punches

An insect screen reliably keeps annoying or stinging insects out of the house. It has clear advantages over the simple screens for gluing.

The insect screen is flexible: If no insect protection is needed, the unobstructed view can be enjoyed without disturbing grids. Since an insect screen is used only in the months in which it is needed, it is much more durable. It is protected from the weather for a large part of the year. The care of the windows is much easier with an insect screen, the grid does not have to be removed and the frame is not glued with Velcro. The annoying and costly renewal of insect protection in each spring is eliminated. An insect screen fits on every window and every door and combines secure protection with an appealing look. In most cases, an insect screen for skylights is the only viable solution. The combination of effective insect protection and darkening of the room is also possible.

Insect screen for roof windows

Roof windows require a particularly thought-out insect screen. Simple insect screens prevent access to the window, it can no longer be operated. Therefore, the installation of a special insect screen for skylights in the window reveal offers. Particularly attractive and practical is a Velux insect screen. It can be combined with different blackout blinds and pleats and gives the window an elegant frame. A Velux insect screen is ideally matched to the Velux windows. An insect screen guarantees pleasant days and relaxed nights. Annoying and blood-sucking insects are safely and reliably kept out of the house without chemicals. That's a big plus for your health. With professional help, a Velux insect screen is quickly installed. Let us advise you on which combination is the ideal solution for your requirements.

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