Insect protection at the push of a button: Smart blinds for mosquito repellent

Insect protection at the push of a button: Smart blinds for mosquito repellent

Summer is mosquito time. Electric roller blinds and insect screens, which can be combined with the home control, provide for insect-free zones.

As beautiful as the summer is, with the warm season, the insects come into the house, when open windows and patio doors provide fresh air. This is annoying, especially if the mosquitoes get lost in the bedroom.

Despite the greatest care in opening and closing windows and patio doors with insect screens, mosquitoes in the house can hardly be avoided.

Electrical insect screen roller blinds can be easily coupled with the house control system

A novelty on the market is the electronically controlled insect screen, which can be networked with the home automation system. The insect screen blinds for patio doors and windows, open and close sensor-controlled when you go through, or when the door is opened or closed. You always have a clear view to the outside, but you do not have to remember to close the blind again after passing through.

Depending on the model, an insect screen may open and close without contact. This way, annoying insects are guaranteed to stay outside. Since the roller blind is usually located laterally in the door frame and moves out of the center, it can be passed straight step.

The roller blind rolls up laterally when the door is closed. Once opened or tilted, the blind closes. A full tray can also be carried outside without having to turn it off to open the insect screen or push it aside.

Extras for sensor-controlled insect protection

In addition, the automatic insect screen can be equipped with an alarm function that prevents it that someone enters the house unnoticed while the door is open. Also the connection of the insect screen to the house control is possible.

If you want to operate your insect screen by remote control, you will also get your money, with the sensor-controlled insect screen it is also possible and the summer can be enjoyed in the house without annoying mosquitoes.

The installation should be carried out by a specialist

The sliding door drive for the insect screen is attached to the lintel and connected to the sliding door drive with a detachable plug connection, which can be easily removed during the winter months. A retrofitting of the automatic system is also possible on existing insect screen sliding doors.

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