In the conservatory safe from the sun

In the conservatory safe from the sun

Who a winter garden not only wants to use it as a retreat in the cold season, but also to sit comfortably in the summer.

Installation and options for sun protection and shading systems

In order for this to be possible without any problems, you need appropriate sun protection or shading systems.

A shading system or sunshade can be installed by skilled craftsmen in a very short time. We advise against doing this on our own, especially when it comes to electrical systems or built-in systems. Here expert staff ensures a correct installation, and usually a guarantee on this work. This ultimately increases your enjoyment of the product.

The various possibilities for sun protection or shading systems are manifold. From pleats, vertical or angle blinds, classic awnings to electrically adjustable sun sails or foils or Venetian blinds in the space between the panes of the insulating glass and the imagination, there are virtually no limits. Also in terms of cost, there are serious differences. For example, a pleated blind with a manual cable pull can be installed relatively inexpensively indoors, while electric or semi-automatic solutions are of course more cost-intensive, but on the other hand also open up opportunities for you to always optimally shade the conservatory, even if you are not present.

If you prefer the sun protection in the winter garden, you have to pay attention to the UV and weather resistance. Also, not all materials are equally suitable for outdoor installation. Some systems and materials are almost maintenance-free, others require constant care. An important feature of outdoor facilities is that they block the heat before it enters the conservatory. If you follow these tips and get comprehensive advice from a specialist, you will be able to enjoy the joys of your winter garden even in summer in hot temperatures.

The guide "Sun protection for your conservatory" was created in friendly cooperation with the "Winter Garden Association eV"

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