Illuminated from any side - with wall lights

Illuminated from any side - with wall lights

Wall lights are practical light sources - both indoors and outdoors.

Wall lights can be installed to save space and are available in many different designs. Depending on the model, these lamps provide a direct or indirect room light. In the case of wall sconces with an indirect lighting effect, the light is reflected off the wall and ceiling. The result is a gentle, pleasant ambient light. Wall lights in corridors and staircases can also deliver their light zoned up and down. As a result, the environment is illuminated glare-free and evenly. Even as a reading lamp, these sconces are well suited. On the other hand, with movable spotlights individual wall areas, paintings or seating groups can be specifically illuminated and highlighted. In this way, you can create effective accents in the room.

Outdoor wall luminaires

Outdoor wall luminaires are also practical sources of light. Placed next to or above the front door to brighten the entrance area and thus ensure comfort and safety. The paths between the house and the garage can also be tastefully illuminated with wall lights, so that you can easily find your way in the dark. Outdoor luminaires are specially designed for outdoor requirements. Different degrees of protection indicate which conditions these wall lights fulfill. A specialist will be happy to advise you on suitable wall lights. He will also take care of the proper installation and, if necessary, lay new wires so that you can place the wall lights exactly where you want them.

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