When veneer plays with light

When veneer plays with light

Veneer wood is the stuff that is used more and more frequently today. No wonder, because it creates a cozy atmosphere.

Generating direct and indirect light from just one luminaire? The balancing act is achieved with lampshades made of veneered wood. The illuminated wood leaf creates pleasantly warm ambient light, the illuminant an optimal exposure for tables and workstations. The natural material brings feel-good atmosphere into every room. By the way, no matter if on or off. Plywood always cuts a fine figure as a robe of luminous objects.

Veneer wood - tender instead of hard

After all, wood does not necessarily have to be hard and angular, since it's naturally organically shaped. Obtained from the trunk of exquisite trees, veneer sheets of just four to six millimeters thick are produced. This is why wood is extremely flexible. More and more designers are discovering this and are increasingly using the noble wood sheets in furniture and contract construction. In its probably filig-ransten form the natural product conquers the light design. Tender instead of hard then also affects the fabric from which most models are made. Whether round or intricate as veneered tapes - the wooden curves conjure up the most beautiful plays of light and shadow.

Each luminaire is unique

The type and, above all, the color of the wood dictate the lighting mood. Because its surface acts as a sort of diffuser, as a kind of filter, which distributes the light evenly. Backlit, the veneer leaves its natural beauty - grain, branches, annual rings. This makes each lamp unique, whether playful or in a reduced form. From veneer to light object

The veneer light is considered to be the epitome of Scandinavian design, as well as well-known designers have early classics from the natural Material created. Lucifer Lamps, an innovative company from Valencia specializing in expressive veneer wood models, is breaking new ground. Truly larger-than-life, the Life-size series's spectacular light objects are more than three meters tall - Mariví Calvo designs a sensational koi with woodshed, Isidro Ferrer a witty elephant in an upright position. But do not worry spanish Spaniards also less bombastic lights ready.

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