Hurdles to the winter garden

Hurdles to the winter garden

There are different regulations for conservatories. In many federal states, the popular house additions not only have to be applied for but also approved.

Great is the joy when the sun shines through the fully glazed front of the wind- and weather-protected outdoor area for the first time. Since it is quickly forgotten that the way to the dream of many builders was paved with obstacles in many places. After all, not everyone in this country is allowed to build what they want on their property.

Every beginning is an application

A conservatory is legally a building. Unlike a freestanding garden shed or a small greenhouse, it is an extension and therewith a change of the house. That means: no conservatory without building application! After the application, a building permit must first be awaited in many federal states before the groundbreaking ceremony can begin. In some countries, it is sufficient to submit the building application in full and to apply for a so-called permit exemption. This eliminates further official tests - at least in advance. If the building regulations are not adhered to, the responsible authorities can force a subsequent demolition everywhere.

Visit to the building authority

First, the home builder should visit his local building authority and ask which regulations apply. After all, not only the building rights of the state count, but also the development plan of the municipality. Is it a harmonious residential area? To what extent may the land area be overbuilt? What minimum distances are to be observed for property boundaries, escape and rescue routes? How are the power and water pipes laid? All this must be considered if necessary.

What must be included in the building application?

A completed application form alone is not enough. The folder for the office includes:

  • Precise construction drawings
  • Detailed written construction description
  • The site plan as an excerpt from the cadastre maps
  • The construction calculation including statics
  • If required, technical evidence such as sound insulation, drainage plan, if applicable Also fire safety certification and information on heating and ventilation

Contact a conservatory specialist

Most home builders need expert help to submit all this correctly filled out. Anyone planning the winter garden as part of a new building can simply leave the applications and permits to the contractor. However, if the conservatory is attached to a existing house , most property owners shy away from the services of expensive planners. What should not be waived, are professional craft companies. Many specialist companies specialize in conservatories. In addition to the planning and construction often take over all the official formalities to the approval.

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