Horizontal Blinds: Ideal and Modern Anti-Glare and Screening

Horizontal Blinds: Ideal and Modern Anti-Glare and Screening

Horizontal blinds are a great solution for windows. Thanks to the individual choice of materials and colors, they enhance the space in addition to the glare protection.

As beautiful as the sun is, sometimes the sun's rays can be annoying because they dazzle. As a glare shield, a curtain is bad, because it protects against the sun, but at the same time conceals the view to the outside, as it is with a pleated blind, a curtain or a roller blind.

A good solution for office and living spaces are therefore Horizontal blinds, because they provide shade, control the light and allow the view to the outside. At the same time, they provide privacy and glare-free illumination, which is particularly beneficial for desk work and can increase performance.

Advantages of horizontal blinds

The room brightness can be adjusted quickly and without much effort with a horizontal blind Adjust the rotation of the blades and adjust the sun exposure setting and control the light control perfectly.

With a horizontal shutter it is possible to hide the bright sunlight and still keep the view outside. If the slats are placed horizontally, they let in a lot of light in the room, while at an angle or vertically intercept the sunlight and at the same time regulate the transparency.

Also for bathrooms and bedrooms, horizontal blinds are very well suited because they provide privacy

A horizontal blind can be applied to virtually any window and the slat angle can be adjusted individually. Both wall or ceiling mounting as well as installation in the glass rebate of the window are possible, so that the function of turn or tilt windows is retained.

Different ways of opening and turning the horizontal venetian blind are possible: Turning stick with crank handle, ball chain or an electric motor.

Various colors for integration into the interior design

Venetian blinds are an excellent and timeless stylistic device for interior design. Depending on the type of material made of aluminum or fabric and the choice of color, blinds can be a decorative element in the room and give it a special and modern flair.

The slat width of the horizontal blind offers an additional design option as it can be chosen in different widths. Anything is possible with a width of 25 to 50 millimeters.

Horizontal blinds are also very well suited as a visual and glare protection for straight and sloping windows as well as a dimming option for roof windows and as sun protection for all window and balcony doors.

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