Home Staging: Old House Freshly Refurbished

Home Staging: Old House Freshly Refurbished

Bringing new life to life is not easy. Some people do it in-house, others with home staging.

If you want to get the first impression, you can get a faster start on the sale. More and more sellers, brokers and builders shorten their advertising phases with Home Staging (Stage). The US sales strategy promotes the best of every home. Thus, often higher purchase prices can be achieved than with the conventional method, in which interested parties have to think away the yellowed wallpaper and the bulky furniture.

Curtain free for grandma's cottage

In home staging, interior architects and brokers often specialize in the uplifting of one vacant property. They transform the home into a stage for beautiful living. The piece being performed means: Easily recognize the true value. Hardly anyone can imagine a neutral apartment when facing a life-reflecting room. What hampers the quick sale, so found on the recycling yard or in a storage container again. For the previous dweller that means saying goodbye. Nibbles, trophies and hoops must disappear, all unfashionable or dominant furniture as well. Where just the closet wall in rustic oak threatens to crush the room, soon hung a friendly picture. If the wallpaper shows traces of yellowing, the wall just gets a fresh coat of paint. Because only a bright room looks generous.

Actually, Home Staging can be any

equal, whether professional or private, the first thing to get rid of the dirt and damage. Purse or free time decide whether the vendor hauls vacuums and tools out of hand or whether craftsmen commissioned by Home Staging do the necessary work. If furniture and accessories are in the focus of the Home Stagers booth, they will be arranged carefully. Otherwise, rental furniture will be used in the second phase. The desired circle of interests specifies how the furniture should look like. In the single apartment is better not the bed in the largest room, but the cozy sofa. And if the budget permits, perhaps the narrow kitchen niche of a spacious fitted kitchen gives way to a single-family dwelling.

The new kitchen is only made of cardboard

If this expense is worthwhile, since buyers or tenants certainly have their own interior design ideas? If the new fitted kitchen is made of cardboard, the individual taste of the new resident does not matter. If the property developer wants to show the potential buyers what the house might look like inside, he folds out double beds, wardrobes and flat screens with sideboards and pushes them to the right place. If the dummies are well done, the prospective buyer does not notice any difference in the photos in the real estate ad. After completing the business, the cardboard box is folded and waiting for the next assignment at Home Stager.

Applause: A Picture of a House

Now it's no longer "You have to imagine that differently", but "Take a look for yourself ". Professional home staging find sellers and landlords in all possible variations on the Internet, often even with before / after photos. The homeowner chooses the appropriate form of professional polishing up - maybe just a basic package that consists of sightseeing and planning, or rather a compact offer, which also includes the coordination and completion of all work up to the exposé including photos. And the complete solution ranges from the mowed lawn to fresh flowers in the rented designer vase in the new home.

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