Home cinema successfully set up in Ottobrunn

Home cinema successfully set up in Ottobrunn

Many share it: the dream of home theater, with a large, high-resolution flat screen and powerful box system. But such a screen puts a lot of weight on the scales and therefore needs a stable bracket in the wall.

The bare wall in his living room bothered Andreas K. Why should not take the place of a high-end television with 55 inches screen to turn the living room into a chic home theater? However, the provided mount proved to be very heavy and Andreas decided to leave this work to a skilled team of two craftsmen. So he hired this work on MyHammer as an order.

The contract was won by Raumausstattung, janitorial service, craft from Munich, who measured the wall, fixed the bracket and fixed the TV.

Happy about the result, Andreas writes: "On time, fully equipped and 100% clean work! Very nice and friendly, anytime again!"

The contractor was also satisfied with the working conditions and commented to the client: "Very nice and friendly, gladly again."

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