Decks: Refurbish Now

Decks: Refurbish Now

Big cleaning of the wooden terrace

Hardly anyone uses their terrace in winter. It does not bother that dirt accumulates there. The cleaning of the wooden terrace is then overdue in the spring. Many homeowners use the high-pressure cleaner for this purpose, although it is unsuitable for wood. Its great water pressure tears shavings from the surface of the decking, they become unsightly and splinters.

First, it is necessary to remove all garden furniture and whatever else stands on the terrace to turn the floor with a broom. For thorough cleaning, a scrubber and a neutral cleaner are sufficient. For large terraces, wood brushing machines have proven their worth. The specialist retailers and carpenters generally rent them on a daily basis. For a normally soiled terrace, this cleaning is completely sufficient.

Special agents are needed for a moss and algae surface. It does not have to be chemistry from the trade. A mixture of starch and soda is sufficient as a cleaning agent. This must remain on the planks for a few hours. Then scrubbers and water are used to wash everything off the terrace.

The use of acids is not always appropriate. Some tropical woods and metal parts are discolored by vinegar or lemon juice. Water does not harm the wood, residues of cleaners are problematic. For this reason, the garden hose is finally used to rinse off the terrace.

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Wooden terraces consist in usually made of tropical wood, larch or Douglas fir. These defy by nature from the weather. WPC (Wood-Plastic-Composites), a material made from wood flour and plastic, is also insensitive to moisture. The planks are rarely rotten, even if they were not impregnated in the fall. Exchanging floorboards is usually superfluous.

The wood is exposed to changing weather in autumn and winter, shrinking in the drought and swelling in the wet. The screws or the mounting brackets may have loosened. They may have to be tightened so that the floorboards rest firmly again without wobbling.

The railing is especially important for safety. Make sure that all fasteners are still stable. An exchange of parts is only necessary if the wood is no longer viable.

Controlling the screws and clamps is essential because it is about safety. Loose floorboards, an uneven floor or a broken railing mean a risk of accidents. Therefore, it is important to control everything with great care and in doubt to ask a specialist.

Get the terrace up to scratch

Almost all types of wood are prone to graying. This does not harm the material, some appreciate this patina. Who wants to preserve the color of the wood, it must protect it from UV light by oils or glazes. Planks made of WPC do not require any care, they are permanently impregnated ex works and do not change the color.

In order for the products to penetrate well, it is necessary to grind the wood in the direction of the grain. The first sanding is done with 80s, the fine sanding with 120 sandpaper. Important: The wood must be absolutely dry.

If the wooden terrace is made of tropical hardwood, you need a respiratory protection in front of your mouth and nose. The fine sanding dust penetrates into the lungs and triggers allergic reactions. Softer softwoods dust less when sanding.

After this preparation, a double coat with glaze or care oil is required. In the trade products are available for different types of wood. Terrace oils contain pigments, which are adapted to the respective type of wood. Each of the products is able to care for all woods, but who, for example, teak treated with oil for larch, discolored the wood. An optically beautiful result can only be achieved with care products tailored to the material of the terrace.

Tip: Anyone who has real wood furniture on the terrace should also impregnate it on the occasion.

The spring draws in

After the terrace Now it is clean and stable, it goes to the visual embellishment. The furniture is allowed on the wooden terrace to relax with coffee and cake. If you want it to be especially beautiful, plant the flower tubs with colorful primroses and other spring flowers. The start of the garden year can begin.

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