Hiding Garbage Cans - The Smartest Ideas for Inside and Out

Hiding Garbage Cans - The Smartest Ideas for Inside and Out

Garbage bin boxes are not the best solution

The tons disappear in large containers made of concrete, plastic or wood, which usually look more attractive than garbage cans. But the boxes are cumbersome, the tons must be put in after each emptying and the removal of the full tons is often very exhausting. The closed containers make access to the barrels more difficult. Overall, the solution in everyday life is quite cumbersome.

Put tons behind a screen

Instead of a closed box that makes access to the garbage cans difficult, a simple screen is a much cleverer solution. In front gardens, there are trellises, which are set up at some distance in front of the tons and planted with fast-growing plants. The distance to the tons must be sufficiently large so that they can be easily reached. Also an access is necessary, through which the refuse containers fit well. This access can be practically and beautifully closed via swing doors. Advantage of this method: The grid provides shade, the garbage is no longer in the blazing sun. This solution requires a lot of space.

Conceal instead of concealment

The garbage cans can be accommodated under the ground via lift systems. The tons stand on platforms that are lifted or lowered hydraulically. Only a lid on the bottom reveals where the garbage containers are. For the front garden, solutions are available in which instead of the lid, a platform with planters is used. Are the tons sunk, you can see only beautiful plants. However, as the entire platform lifts with the flowers, the tons are still easily accessible.

The system is expensive and expensive to install. In addition, access to the tons is tedious. You have to go up to fill and then shut down again. The tons above ground do not take up any space.

Take the lift to the basement

The lift system can also be used to bring the barrels into the cellar. These are easily accessible from the house, not exposed to the sun and can not be shared by unauthorized persons. With a lift, several tons can be moved one after the other, so the system is usually easier to install than a subterranean shaft. Access to the tons is very easy to solve, but on the day of dumping there is a lot to do until the tons are ready to be picked up. Another disadvantage is the space that the garbage cans in the basement take up.

A nice design is usually sufficient

Garbage cans can be designed with films so that they harmoniously adapt to the environment. Glued with matching films, garbage bins become stone walls, firewood stacks or flowering meadows. So much beauty does not have to hide. The panels of the vessels are inexpensive and hinder access to the tons in any way. Sometimes the simplest solution is the most ingenious.

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