Hello I am the new one! - A Good Neighborhood Worth Gold

Hello I am the new one! - A Good Neighborhood Worth Gold

If you move, you will also have new neighbors. Newcomers should take the first step to make them quickly acquaintances.

Newly Involved - Build Good Relationships

Moving to a new home also means a new environment and new neighbors. As a rule, it takes a certain amount of time until normality comes. This applies not only to the new tenants, but also to the environment.

First of all, the newcomer is a stranger who still has to fit into the household. Therefore, it is up to the newcomer to build a good neighborly relationship from the initial distance. Also, the relocation stress should not prevent the new tenant party from introducing themselves in person.

A personal introduction takes the tension out of the situation and at the same time creates a basis for future talks. An idea can take place in different ways in order to form a picture of one's "counterpart". The invitation to drink coffee together is still popular and particularly suitable for terraced housing.

In an apartment building it is advisable to ring the doorbell doors in order to introduce yourself to the individual occupants. Alternatively, the new tenant can also bring about a seemingly random meeting in the stairwell or in the laundry room. A small greeting and a few nice words are enough to create a basis for a pleasant coexistence.

The first impression to leave positive

As we know, the move day is associated with a lot of noise and bustle. The helpers carry furniture through the stairwell and can not be overheard by their steps and voices. Sometimes objects fall down or doors swivel.

For this reason, it does not hurt to inform the direct neighbors before moving in. For example, this can be done by a notice in the hallway or small single letters on the door. It makes sense to ask for leniency for the resulting unrest and any dirt.

A nice gesture is to stick a small piece of chocolate and a flower on the cover of the single letter. Surely everyone will raise an understanding of the situation with a nicely worded clue.

If you move into a terraced house or a single-family dwelling, you do not necessarily have to announce your move-in date. Nevertheless, it is a good thing to introduce yourself.

The duty is the one who comes in new. Often the first impression counts to set the course for a friendly togetherness.

This is how you imagine

Harmonious neighborhoods are not taken for granted and do not come by themselves. At the latest when furniture is up, it's time to introduce yourself to your neighbor. In the multi-party house, the new tenant first stays in his own corridor.

In a two- or three-family house, the 360-degree round applies. Here, a visit to all around adjacent residents is scheduled.

If you move into your own home, say hello to the owners of the next two or three houses right and left. Maybe the first meeting will be a nice conversation at the introductory round. On this occasion, the newlyweds can invite the neighbors as guests to the housewarming party.

The party can serve to get to know each other better, and thanks to the tolerance of the move noise. At the same time, the family and friends of the tenants are no longer unknown faces for the residents of the house. Nevertheless, it is to be considered for those who do not celebrate and be quieter from 22 o'clockOf course, not the whole apartment is set up on the day of the move. So it is not enough to drill and hammer in the first few days. In this regard, statutory rest periods must be observed at lunchtime and in the evenings. If you have to work late at night, you should inform your neighbor in time verbally.

Prevention is better than arguing

Even if the debut was a complete success, it is important to avoid pitfalls in the future. It is very important to adhere to the house rules and to ask about the duties. For example, this may be the cleaning of the staircase.

Neighborly help also helps to establish a friendly relationship from the beginning. For this it is advisable not to impose or to condone. A healthy polite distance is enough for the first and builds confidence.

So the "new one" reaches out to his roommates and gets a good connection to the people. After all, he has to live with them under one roof. Communication is the best way for a peaceful coexistence, even among neighbors.

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