Winter Garden

Winter Garden

So that your conservatory is always pleasant It is recommended that an adequately dimensioned heating system be installed by an experienced heating contractor.

Comparing floor and convector heating

However, a coordination between winter gardener and the heating engineer is mandatory in advance. Especially against the background that the formation of condensation and frost is to be prevented, the installation of a floor and convector heater can ensure an optimal room climate.

Underfloor heating:
Underfloor heating is installed by the heating engineer in corrugated form on concrete and integrated into the screed. In order to avoid the loss of heat to the cold surface, it is important to have the heating engineer install an effective insulation under the underfloor heating pipes.

Even with low heat output of the underfloor heating, the heat is evenly distributed in the room and ensures a pleasant floor temperature , This allows you to enter your conservatory barefoot even in winter. As a sole heating medium, however, the underfloor heating system is too sluggish to be able to respond quickly and cost-effectively to the heat from outside.

Convector heating:
In any case, in addition to the underfloor heating, it is advisable to install another heating system from an experienced heating engineer to install. Here the convector heater promises an improved release of heat. Convectors embedded in the floor or visible in the area of ​​the glazing heat the windows from the room side and thus act as a veil against heat loss. This high-rising heat falls off at the back and acts on the entire room. Advantage of the convector heater is the saving of space. Only about 1/3 of the surface of a radiator is needed as a space.

Basically, the combination of floor and convector heating proves to be very useful and is recommended especially by expert conservatory professionals. The underfloor heating supplies the basic requirement of heat. The convector heater provides the residual heat, so that a uniform and economical all-round heat is always given.

The guide "Types of heating for the winter garden" was created in friendly cooperation with the "Winter Garden Trade Association."

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