Savory Crops - Tips

Savory Crops - Tips

Savory is decorative in the garden and in the kitchen. If a few tips are heeded when harvesting, nothing stands in the way of the full flavor.

Cutting back on a rich harvest

The crop will make the crop look good. Shorten the plant about ten centimeters before flowering. This regression stimulates the formation of leaves. Those who also remove competing vegetation and loosen the soil around the plant can look forward to a rich harvest.

The right time

Whether summer bean herb (Satureja hortensis) or winter bean herb (Satureja montana) - the same tips apply at the right harvest time Rules: The gardener can easily harvest the aromatic herb throughout the growing season.

Myth: Not reaping after flowering

It's a myth that you should not reap savory after flowering. One thing is undeniable: The herbs have their most intense aroma before flower formation. If you want to dry the leaves, you should harvest them before flowering. So the spice does not lose. A fresh harvest is still possible with withered savory. These are the most important tips for harvesting savory.

Harvesting young cabbage

The spice herb does not have to reach a specific age for the harvest. Young savory is also aromatic and is suitable for seasoning.

Harvest whole branches to dry

If the herb is to be dried, do not harvest individual leaves. Instead, it is recommended to harvest whole branches from the plant. Cut this close to the ground. If you only need a few fresh leaves for seasoning, you can break them off directly at the plant.

Savory - Tips for Drying

Combine the harvested twigs into small bunches. Hang or lay out to dry in a dry place. Leaves and flowers can be easily removed from the stem after drying.

Preserving herbs - alternatives to drying

In addition to drying, there are other options for preserving savory. So you can freeze it well too. To do this, detach the leaves from the stems and place in airtight containers; then freeze. An alternative to freezing and drying is placing the leaves in oil. The aroma lingers particularly long in this method.

Error: Only use the leaves

Not only the leaves of the savory are aromatic; The gardener can also use the broken flowers for seasoning. Their aroma is slightly different from that of the leaves. To salads, pears or cheese, the flowers are a taste highlight.

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