Hang pictures correctly - have a look for the whole

Hang pictures correctly - have a look for the whole

Hanging pictures begins with the selection of the picture. Whether canvas, photo print or poster - pictures are style defining.

Poster or oil painting? - Choose suitable images

When choosing pictures for flats and houses, the style, style and color choice of the picture are important. Images should be selected last when setting up and adapted to the decor.

An oil painting in a massive picture frame is suitable for dignified furnishings with dark furniture and antiques. Unframed oil paintings fit into a young living ambience in which improvisation and arrangement are skilfully done. Modern oil or acrylic paintings in a simple frame look beautiful in modern apartments with little furnishings. Here they are an eye-catcher and give black and white decor color.

A photo print looks classy in a larger frame with passe-partout. Modern homes can take black and white photos with twice or three times the size of white passe-partouts. If you like it young and laid-back, create a photo wall with photos in different, yet matching frames.

Posters do not fit in a dignified living environment. However, vintage framed posters, such as old films or operas, look great in shabby-chic decor. A young, modern institution can handle unframed posters of art exhibitions, program films or events as a wall decoration. In youth's rooms, unframed pictures on paper include furniture such as a bed and a desk.

The style and color of the picture are crucial.

The style of the subject is just as important as the medium. Old masters such as Italian Renaissance painting or Dutch masterpieces fit into a set, well-to-do establishment. They are best served in heavy picture frames.

Modern artists such as Kandinsky, Miró or Picasso in simple framing in black or white are the icing on the cake of a modern home décor.

Interesting are breaks in style when cleverly committed. Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" or Caspar Davis Friedrich's "Arctic Ocean" fit perfectly into modern apartments that leave enough room for maneuver. Not only the style is important in the picture selection - the colors of the picture should fit the device. A picture fits best into the ambience, if it contains a color, which finds itself in the space. The vote "meshes" the image with the environment.

The color only needs to appear in small amounts in the image for the effect to occur. For largely monochrome images, the color should not bite into the room with any dominant color.

Hang-Up Options

Unthreaded screens are lightweight and hang on a nail or hook that is knocked into the wall. For hooks, the use of dowels is recommended. Another option is to string the canvas cross and attach this hanging to the nail or hook.

Large wooden or metal frames are heavy. A dowel with picture hook keeps the picture securely on the wall. Smaller framed pictures such as photos or framed posters in glass frames hang on a sturdy nail.

Poster without framing hold with Tesa powerstrips. The Powerstrips allow an invisible attachment and can be removed without leaving a trace.

Placing an Image Correctly

Images should be hung in the right place. An area enclosed by the device is ideal, for example, between two shelves, above the sofa or kitchen table or on a narrow wall.

The larger the free area, the larger the image should be. A photo on a two-by-two-meter-thick wall surface is lost, while a large screen comes into its own.

The height of the picture is usually due to the framing device. Ideal is a suspension at eye level - the center of the image is at eye level of the beholder. Pictures in the living room, which are usually viewed from the sitting position, hang slightly lower. If the picture hangs over the sofa, a distance of 30 centimeters to the lower edge is ideal.

When there are several pictures in a room, the upper or lower edges are at a height.

The most harmonious shape when hanging pictures is done in the Golden Section: three-eighths of the picture hang above the line, which is horizontal at a height of five-eighths of the total wall height.

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