Conveniently setting up small kitchens

Conveniently setting up small kitchens

Small kitchens do not have to be a nuisance. Clever set-up can make a big difference even in confined spaces.

Functional furniture and practical kitchen appliances help save space. Bright colors lend the room more space and fresh color accents make sure that the room does not look sterile and drab.

Small kitchens get out of the way

Mini kitchens are - mostly unjustly - regarded as unpleasant and restrictive rooms. Furnishing and design are often neglected in small kitchens. The room ends up as a dull "cooking corner". That's a pity, because with the right color scheme and the use of functional and space-saving furnishings, even the smallest room can become a highlight. If the unloved kitchen area is to become a small and fine eat-in kitchen, the room should first be measured and the dimensions recorded.

Before it gets set up, a fresh coat of paint on the walls can not hurt. It should be noted that bright colors give small rooms size - at least visually. Fresh pastel tones (or a sunny yellow) create a happy atmosphere. Color accents can be applied while painting, but it is usually better to wait until the room is completely set up. So you can be sure that kitchen furniture and colors harmonize with each other and the accents are placed in the right places. A matching floor covering completes the picture.

In rental apartments, old tiles are often a real problem. Some specimens are unsightly and disturb the overall picture of the newly renovated room. If the landlord is not willing to renew the tiles, they can be painted with special lacquer or pasted over with tile foil.

What to look for when setting up

Do not use colored objects. To ensure space and order in small kitchens, it is better to use tailor-made furniture with built-in appliances. The cabinets should provide maximum storage space. Depending on the available space, a cooking island can be the perfect solution. Sometimes it's helpful to leaf through furniture catalogs or visit a kitchen studio for inspiration. Before deciding on a particular variant, you should try different interior design ideas.

It is ideal if closed wall cabinets are combined with open shelf elements. Shelves loosen up the overall picture and provide space for kitchen utensils and colorful accessories. Glasses and cups find their place on suitable wall brackets.

Electrical appliances such as refrigerators, stoves or dishwashers are available in various sizes. If the available space is limited, it is also possible to fall back on "tabletop devices" that can be accommodated on the worktop due to their low height. The disadvantage here is only the lower capacity. As dinette is a kitchen bar or worktop, which serves as a table replacement. If there is no space for both, folding tables can be an alternative.

After setting up, attention should be paid to decoration. A pretty kitchen clock, a few pictures and pots of kitchen herbs make the room more comfortable.

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