Handleless kitchen - yes or no?

Handleless kitchen - yes or no?

A handle-less kitchen looks modern and elegant. Nevertheless, the ghosts are different: cooking without handles - yes or no?

"Yes!" To the handle-less kitchen - the advantages

Handleless kitchens no doubt impress with their appearance: advocates rave about simple, modern and elegant kitchen fronts. The smooth surfaces are also smooth, discreet and "like a piece"; The kitchen furniture steps into the background and blends seamlessly into the overall picture. This leaves more room for individual design - with countertop, sink and Co. can set attractive accents.

Handleless cabinets and wall cabinets can be opened by different mechanisms: Either hidden handles are installed, an electronic system or the so-called "Push to Open "-Mechanics. In the latter case, the door opens by pressure on the surface, when closing hooks the front again. This mechanism guarantees quick and functional working - even when there is no hand free, the cook can open his cupboards.

A practical advantage is the cleaning: the flat fronts can be easily and quickly cleaned without handles. The cleaning of handles designed comparatively inexpensive. In addition, there are no protruding parts. This makes unpleasant sticking or knocking on handles a thing of the past. Since there are no handles, there are no signs of wear; There is no need for replacement.

No handles - the disadvantages

The different mechanisms to open the kitchen fronts require a bit more space. The storage space is a bit smaller in the handle-less version than in kitchens with handles. The difference is a few centimeters, which can usually be compensated by the height of the kitchen furniture.

A disadvantage with fronts with printing mechanism: straight kitchens in high-gloss optics are dirty faster. Fingerprints and other contaminants are clearly visible. Here, cleaning is more often required.

In addition, in the so-called "push to open" system, unintentional opening of the doors can occur, for example when leaning against the door. Even children find the mechanics interesting, which can be stressful for parents and reason for a clear No.

Anyone who relies on built-in, invisible handles from the outside can also have problems: Especially with long fingernails opening the wardrobe doors is difficult.

Kitchen without handles - yes or no?

If you value aesthetics, you can say "Yes!" To handle-less fronts. These also convince in hygienic and practical points. A kitchen planner helps in the planning of the kitchen in case of doubt.

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