Trusses almost like new

Trusses almost like new

Sometimes it just takes a few brushstrokes to make a big change.

In the commission of Christoph S. from Speyer that was a few painting and plastering work around his half-timbered house to shine again. The old building needed some paint on the beams and on the surfaces, some fields had to be plastered again and the windows could sometimes take a uniform look.

MyHammer quickly found the right specialist for this work. Christoph S. chose the painter company Lang from Ingenheim to give the house a little more style. The work was done quickly and Christoph S. was completely satisfied with the result. "Absolutely recommendable !!! Reliable, good job and friendly contact !!! "he wrote to the painter on his profile. We can confirm that - in the meantime the wine has been trimmed, but the pictures still show a radiant before and after effect.

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