Greenhouse: indoor garden for the whole season

Greenhouse: indoor garden for the whole season

Winter does not necessarily mean garden-free time. Greenhouses make sowing, breeding and harvesting fun year-round.

The times are over when only noblemen owned a greenhouse to grow their beautiful tropical plants. Today everyone can bring their plants to safety from colder sections of the year. Depending on the equipment and size of the glasshouse even into the deepest winter. As a place for potted plants, then a cold greenhouse is suitable, because in contrast to the basement, enough light can pass through.

Through the winter without heating?

Most potted plants are robust and need no cuddling temperatures - but no severe frost or large temperature fluctuations. So precautions should be taken: An approximately 80 centimeters deep concrete foundation protects against the cold of the ground. Bubble wrap or polystyrene panels insulate the standing walls of the greenhouse. When it gets really cold, newsprint helps to protect the plants. Since the pots are close to each other, care must also be taken to protect them from pests.

Vegetables and herbs do not need luxury

Of course there are also 200 square meter hi-tech greenhouses for growing vegetables or herbs but even the smallest issue. This applies, for example, to the cultivation of cucumbers, peppers or tomatoes. The greenhouse protects them from the cold and extends the harvest time significantly. Mediterranean herbs such as lemon thyme, mint or curry herb love warm temperatures and do not want to go under glass until late autumn. Despite all cold protection, the plants need air to breathe. A rule of thumb is that about ten percent of the outside surfaces should open. It is advisable not to insulate the roof, so an exchange of air remains possible. Because many forget: Even in summer, greenhouses fulfill their purpose - assuming good ventilation.

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