Great Variety of Roof Windows

Great Variety of Roof Windows

You want to replace your old skylights and thereby the living comfort, Increase the amount of light and feel-good atmosphere?

Regardless of the dimensions and shapes of the current windows, the specialist offers a wide range with many surprisingly innovative solutions. The future energy costs can be reduced as well, because with the skilful installation and the appropriate insulation the professional achieves all similarities with the current energy saving regulations and the respective safety requirements.

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What is the best way to capture daylight? With which window shape is the room most likely to be upgraded? In addition to the classic swing windows, telescopic devices also make it easy to open particularly high roof-mounted pop-up windows. Roof windows, which are integrated with different angles of inclination across different sloping ceilings, give each room a very special touch. Even in arched roof areas, round roof windows and matching special windows can be integrated. Electric outdoor roller shutter systems can be mounted as accessories for any variation.

The roof balcony makes the unexpected possible

Those who have not been able to escape from their attic apartment in the morning with a cup of steaming coffee may be particularly interested in the elegant and stylish Creative mini-roof balcony solution that can be installed in your attic apartment, taking into account the local conditions. The upper window components of this combination window solution can be opened outwards and upwards at an angle of about 45 degrees. One of the lower window parts is opened outwards like a small balcony door. A railing integrated into this special solution is automatically folded out. No matter in what width, whether the balcony door should be opened to the left or to the right, this roof window miracle promises highest living comfort.

Installing windows: what does it cost?


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Enjoying the light - and the quality

The market now offers a wide range of high-quality materials and the latest technologies, so that you can choose from this great potpourri the most beautiful skylight solution for yourself , Functionality, safety, durability and thermal insulation can be discussed with any window expert without obligation.

Installing skylights: what does it cost?

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