Grass Carp in the Pond - The Five Most Important Tips for Keeping

Grass Carp in the Pond - The Five Most Important Tips for Keeping

Keeping grass carp in the pond is not difficult. They only need a bit more space than other fish that are in the garden pond.

There must be enough space in the pond for the grass carp

Grass carp reach a length of up to 120 centimeters. Their weight is up to 40 kilograms. They are stately fish that have a certain amount of space. It should be at least 20 square meters per animal. The size of the garden pond is not only important for the freedom of movement of the animals, but rather for the food supply. They feed exclusively on algae and underwater plants. These must be available to a sufficient degree.

Provide sufficient food supply

Before the grass carp can live in the pond, sufficient algae and other underwater plants must be present. The appetite of these fish is almost insatiable. When all algae and underwater plants are eaten, the algae eaters also make their way via water lilies and other ornamental plants. In some cases, they even try to eat plants from the edge of the pond. If necessary, the animals can be fed with freshly mown grass.

Note the water temperature

It is particularly important to pay attention to the water temperature. If it rises above 20 degrees Celsius, the animals begin to multiply. This can quickly lead to a far too high stock of fish. The result is a lack of food. This can lead to the death of the animals. It is also not allowed to simply move grass carp into other waters. As soon as the water temperature reaches the 20-degree mark, it makes sense to let some colder tap water flow into the garden pond.

The oxygen content must be correct

These fish need a lot of oxygen. If the oxygen is not sufficiently present in the water, the animals sometimes jump out of the pond. This looks impressive, but it ends in death for the animals. That's why it makes sense to install a fountain or a waterfall.

Get through the winter unscathed

A big problem for the algae eaters is the cold season. They do not need as much food in the time as they do in summer, but they need oxygen. Therefore, it must be prevented that forms a complete ice layer on the water in frost. Specialist dealers offer special devices that prevent the freezing of certain areas of the surface. The pond must have a minimum depth of 80 centimeters. This is the only way to ensure that there is still liquid water under the ice.

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