Glass roof systems: living quality on the terrace and in the entrance area

Glass roof systems: living quality on the terrace and in the entrance area

Glass roof systems not only protect The terrace against rain, modern and timeless, they are also ideal as a carport in the courtyard entrance.

Glass roof systems integrate well into an existing building and can be used universally on the terrace or as a simple carport. A glass roof provides plenty of light and durable weather protection. Timeless and elegant, it visually enlarges the existing space and is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners.

Glass roof systems are offered by a wide variety of manufacturers. They differ not only in the type of glass coloration, but also in the design. Depending on the intended use, there are permanently installed constructions and sliding systems, which can also be partially opened automatically.

Glass roof for more light transmission and good weather protection

The advantages of a glass roof construction are obvious: A glass roof provides year-round weather protection against sun and rain and rain is translucent. Garden furniture and barbecue can stay on the terrace even in winter.

In the colder months, the sun on the glass roof provides warm outdoor moments. The terrace remains friendly and bright, which offers a great sense of living and releases happiness hormones.

A glass roof system usually consists of a sturdy aluminum construction, in which a glazing unit is integrated. The continuous improvement of these structural structures makes them more and more flexible.

Glass roof systems as carport for the entrance to the yard

A glass roof system can also be used well as carports. Here, a glass roof ensures permanent light.

A carport made of glass looks modern and friendly. For example, when the car is parked in front of the house in the courtyard entrance. A closed roof would take all the light out of the driveway here. If necessary, these can be supplemented with side glazing.

Remarkable and cost of glass roof constructions

The advantage of glass roofs is that they have high light and heat permeability and make rooms look larger. However, the rooms also heat up faster due to the light and they often have to be cleaned. Gaskets must also be inspected regularly, which increases the cost of maintenance compared to a conventional roof.

Depending on the design and material quality, the costs vary. Also, the area that is to be covered, is crucial for the price. In addition, the type of glass used and the complexity of the roof system play a role in the calculation. Fixed roofs made of Plexiglas are cheaper than large areas with movable roof system.

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