Get rid of the wood beetle in the house

Get rid of the wood beetle in the house

The wood beetle, also known as a domestic beetle, is a danger to the house and its structure. Homeowners should get rid of it as soon as possible.

Beetle infestation - damage and signs of identification

The larvae of the domestic goat beetle are the actual wood pests. They mainly affect roof trusses, furniture, stairs, wooden floors or wall coverings. In case of suspicion, all wooden elements should be examined carefully. The earlier the pest infestation is detected, the better it is. The following symptoms indicate an infestation:

  • Knocking test: Hollow tapping noise as an indication of an infestation.
  • Drill dust on the ground indicates wood beetles.
  • Sound sample: scratchy eating sounds as a further symptom of the infestation.
  • Beetle infestation
  • Characteristic oval holes with a diameter of five to ten millimeters.
  • Superficial bulges ("varicose veins" in the wood) possible.
  • Widely branched feeding passages visible when opening the wood; additionally filled with drilling dust; Rarely find larvae.
  • Get rid of the long-tailed beetle - the right fight

If the homeowner detects a beetle infestation, he should additionally commission a specialist with the examination. This not only confirms the assumption, it also helps in getting rid of the pests. The following procedures can be used to control the domestic beetle:

Chemical injections by a specialist.

  • Chemical control: beating and impregnating the surface.
  • Heating small objects in the sauna.
  • Control by fumigation of affected wood parts.
  • Treatment in the oven: treat smaller pieces of wood at 60 degrees Celsius with heat for about one hour; alternatively, use a microwave.
  • Completely remove Marodes wood and replace it with fresh wood.
  • Prevent an infestation

Targeted prevention is always the method of choice. The homeowner thus saves high costs for fighting and renovation.

Do not bring the pests into the house via the firewood: Do not store the wood on the ground and store in a dry place.

  • Prevent wood by chemical wood preservation, for example boron salt.
  • Select species that are not attractive to the insects; For example, species with a colored core are not attacked by either the beetle or the weevil.
  • Use crack-free, dry wood, for example solid construction timber.
  • In addition: Regularly inspect wooden elements - allowing fast response when needed.
  • Act fast in case of wood beetles in the house

Damaged beams lead to the collapse of the house in the worst case. If suspected woodpecker infestation, quick action is of utmost importance.

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