Getting rid of ants in the home - the best tips

Getting rid of ants in the home - the best tips

In search of food, ants get into the living area. Usually, simple home remedies help to get rid of the animals.

Blocking the path to the living area

The simple way ant usually gets into the house from the garden. Helps fight directly in places where the animals get inside. These include open patio doors and accesses such as columns or small cracks on windows.

Lemon peels as a repellent

Ants avoid intense smells. Home remedies such as lemon peel, thyme or vinegar act as a deterrent. Particularly effective is the setting of the odorants directly on the ant trail or in the colony.

Baking soda is the best-known home remedy

One of the best-known home remedies in the fight against ants is baking soda. The soda contained in the powder is toxic to the animals. Because the insects die in this fight and are not marketed, other variants are preferable.

Ants do not like drafts

In a fresh and well-ventilated environment, the insects do not feel well. The regular ventilation in the room prevents the nesting. In the case of an existing infestation, it is advisable to open the windows more and more.

Resettlement of the ants

If a complete ant colony and nest has formed in the house, resettlement helps. This succeeds with a inverted and earth-filled flowerpot over the nest. The insects settle in the pot, nothing prevents them from being relocated.

Chalk blocks the ant trail

The diversion protects the living area from ants infestation. A thick line with chalk or chalk on the patio or door keeps the pests from intruding. The animals do not like chalk and avoid this area.

Fighting the cause is the be-all and end-all

In order to fight ants permanently, the causes of nesting must be recognized. Food and leftovers attract the insects and should not be left open in the kitchen. Planters are a popular place for ants and should be inspected regularly for infestation.

Expert Assistance in Stubborn Cases

In the event of heavy infestation in the home, the advice of pest controllers is the best way to get rid of the insects. This is also true when stubborn ant species such as the wood ants have taken root. With expert help, the living space is soon freed from the animals.

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