Use the formula for the area of a trapezoid A=h((b1+b2)/2), where A is area, b1 and b2 are the length of the bases, and h is the height, to answer the question. How many square feet of grass are there on a trapezoidal field with a height of 75 ft and bases of 125 ft and 81 ft? HINT: Plug in the given values for h, b1, and b2.

Accepted Solution

Based on hint and given formula, we can complete the problem. The question asks for square feet of grass so we know that we are solving for the area, A. It also tells us the height (looking downward) of the field is 75 ft,h, while the two bases are 125 ft and 81 ft (b1 and b2). So we can solve the equation. A = 75((125+81)/2) A = 75(206/2) A = 75(103) A = 7725 The area of the field is 7725 square feet.