Garden furniture and their care - Tips

Garden furniture and their care - Tips

Those who care for their garden furniture once a year will enjoy it for a long time. Well maintained furniture is more weather resistant.

Plastic garden furniture takes off scouring agents

To remove loose dust or dirt from plastic furniture, a plastic cleaner or a mild soapy solution is sufficient. After that, car polish or baking soda spice up the plastic garden furniture. Scourers stay better in the cupboard for care - they attack the plastic of the chairs.

Aluminum stays beautiful with baby oil

Aluminum furniture is best cleaned with a soft cloth, warm water and a mild detergent. Any scratches can be repaired with a special paint pen. For a glossy surface, the gardener can treat the material with baby oil every two to three months.

Iron Delights Over Rust Prevention

Iron tables and chairs are grateful for a cleaning by a sponge or cloth with a scrubbing-free detergent. In order to avoid the risk of rust, the outdoor fan has to repair damaged paint scratches immediately. For this he has to grind the areas, rinse thoroughly and apply matt varnish with a brush.

Stainless steel wants to be polished

Garden furniture made of stainless steel is grateful for regular care with a special stainless steel care set. As soon as chairs, chairs and tables look dirty, we recommend cleaning them. If the metal makes a matte impression, it helps to polish with a soft cloth and a medium without granular substances.

Polyester prefers detergent

Polyester garden chairs are content with occasional washing with a detergent lye. However, stronger stains are to be treated with a special cleaner for vinyl.

Netting needs little attention

In order to care for a modern rattan lounge, there are cleaning concentrates to keep it beautiful for a long time: spray it once a year, leave it to soak for a short time, with a sponge Rework and rub with a damp cloth. In between, it is sufficient to carefully spray the garnish with a garden hose.

Wood keeps out a lot with oil.

Anyone who finds patina beautiful can brush the dirt with dirt and water - using a brush and water. Dry wood offers a surface treatment with oils, waxes and glazes. But those who protect their wooden furniture from the sun, rain and wind can delay an intensive treatment for a long time.

Teak does not require much care

If teak garden furniture is on the terrace, the owner of the house need not worry about the care. Apply a "Teak Sealer" or teak oil sparingly with a sponge or brush and remove with a soft cloth. That's enough to preserve the golden brown color of the wood. If you do not mind this procedure once or twice during the season, you will not notice a change in color.

Cleaning the Parasol

If larger parasols are stretched and tilted, they can be washed with soapy water or cleaned with a steam jet. For stubborn stains, it is worth adding stain removers. If you do the work and remove the clothing, you can wash it in the washing machine to 30 degrees with a mild detergent. To avoid wrinkles, the screen must be dry when open.

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