Garden bench lacquer - the most helpful tips

Garden bench lacquer - the most helpful tips

A freshly painted garden bench invites you to linger and is also an eye-catcher. Painting makes an old bench look like new again.

Especially with a wooden bench, dismantling before painting is important. It facilitates the individual work steps. Rusty screws have to be replaced. Painting a garden bench is possible without the help of a specialist.

Surface treatment

before painting> The paint layer on an old bench is lightly roughened with coarse sandpaper (150 grit). Grease stains and dirt must also disappear because they remain visible after painting. The sanding dust must be removed.

Preparing the metal garden bench

The metal garden bench should be cleaned with a wire brush and a degreaser before painting. A disassembly of the bank is not necessary for this. Then it goes with a rust converter to the rust stains.

paint metal properly

Before painting the metal bench must be dry. The danger that otherwise new rust stains arise is great. Apply the metal protective varnish and repeat after eight hours. Metal protection paint is also available as a spray.

Priming is important

In order to protect wood or metal from the effects of the weather, priming is necessary. For metal, it prevents rusting. Primers must be allowed to dry for a few hours before the varnish layer is applied.

The intermediate sanding of the wooden bench

After the first varnish has dried, sandpaper again with a 220 grit sandpaper. The sanding dust must be completely removed. Afterwards, the second layer of lacquer is applied.

Painting a garden bench with wood stain

Wooden garden benches need a protective layer. Without wood protection, the bank is soon unsightly. Weatherproof wood stains are suitable for this purpose. These glazes emphasize the grain and are extremely weather-resistant.

Terrace oil - a good protection for all woods

Terrace oil is a good wood protection for the garden bench. It is available in different shades of brown. This oil penetrates deeply into the wood and keeps it elastic, fresh and breathable. The coating of natural vegetable oils is weather-resistant and durable. It is easy to paint over.

Creativity with colored paint

Colored paint is robust, durable and available in all colors. With a silky-matt or glossy surface, it gives wood and metal an individual appearance. If necessary, specialists are available for consultation in the hardware store. A wooden bench should always be painted in the direction of the wood grain.

This is how the bench stays for a long time

The specified drying times when painting should be strictly adhered to. With two coats of lacquer, the garden bench will be like new again next year. This work is worthwhile. Over the winter, the bank should not stand outside.

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