Garage walls - with the assistance of competent craftsmen

Garage walls - with the assistance of competent craftsmen

A garage is built much faster than one would expect. If you use a specialist with experience in the garage, you can build a fixed shelter for your car, motorcycle or tools within a very short time.

Depending on the choice of materials, garages are not too expensive either. Nevertheless, attention must be paid to a professionally correct construction. This begins with the nature of the foundation: For this, in front of the garage walls excavate a pit about 80 cm deep in size of the later garage. In this coarse gravel is filled. Due to its edgy structure, the individual stones interlock with each other during compaction with a vibrator and result in a solid surface.

When garage walls count, experience and a sense of proportion

The concrete foundation is then applied to the compacted gravel surface. This is one of the hardest steps to wall the garage: the surface must be completely flat in the end. That's why skilled craftsmen use precision measuring instruments. After hardening of the concrete foundation walls can be started with the actual garage. At least now, the choice of materials should be certain: For a garage is particularly suitable for the easy-to-use and cheap sandstone, which is available in virtually every hardware store. When garage walls should also be taken to ensure that the stones are offset by half a length set on each other. The compound used is mortar, which also comes under the first row of stones.

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Experienced craftsmen can be found at MyHammer

The most important tool for garage walls is the trowel applied the stone rows and smoothed out. Then the next stone is put on and lightly pressed into the mortar until the joint width is about the same. As a result, the excess mortar comes out laterally and can be scraped off with the trowel. This sounds simple, but requires a bit of experience. That's why at MyHammer you'll find a wide selection of qualified garage wall garage specialists. There you can comfortably set up your project online and get offers from various craftsmen. Evaluations by other builders and the profiles of craftsmen at MyHammer will help you to choose the right service provider.

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