Furniture lift: the fifth floor by pressing a button

Furniture lift: the fifth floor by pressing a button

Scratched stair railings, Holes in the wall and a lot of sweat - those who would like to avoid the laborious towing, should think about a moving elevator. First of all: The easiest way is of course to commission a service provider with his complete move, because he will take care of everything must become. If that is out of the question, there is an interesting alternative: the so-called furniture lift.

This can literally move mountains - and also in combination with relocation helpers - and spares nerves, strength and even the staircase. Once attached to the outside facade, it conveys the goods up and down little by little.

Advantages at a glance

Less effort and less time

Sure, when the boxes float upwards at the press of a button, that is easy on the muscles. And if you did not know how to motivate so many relocation helpers, a furniture lift is doubly practical. Because theoretically enough, two people are already enough to lift all the household effects: one who invites below and one who takes the things upstairs. Four or five people are optimal. And despite the low manpower the move can be done in a few hours. In general, furniture lifts overcome heights of up to 30 meters, which corresponds to nine or ten storeys.
Protects inventory and staircase

The moving elevator transports the objects via the outside facade directly from the van to the apartment. Scratch marks on the banister, holes in the plaster or similar collateral damage are thus virtually eliminated.
Relatively Low Costs

Forwarders often offer their own rental service for moving elevators, provide one or two helpers and know exactly how and where the device is to be used. Because for some, the use may be out of the question. For example, when a tree disturbs the elevator's path or the window at the top is not big enough. If you know exactly how the elevators work and are not afraid of heavy equipment, you will find hire companies that charge between 100 and 300 euros per day.

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