Doors not just look good

Doors not just look good

A good front door does not just look good, it's also offers sufficient safety as well as sound and heat protection.

Traditionally, wood is one of the most popular materials for front doors. The natural substance has many qualities. It is easy to process, allows different shapes in color, shape and pattern and naturally brings with it very good insulation properties. Its weak point is the influence of the weather. Paintings or veneers protect against that.

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However, due to temperature fluctuations, wooden doors that are veneered with aluminum can collect condensed water, so that the insulation properties diminish. Here, a so-called thermal separation remedy. A cost-effective alternative is plastic doors. New creations made of natural stone in combination with the various materials are, above all, visually an innovation.

Security of the front door

Safety comes first when choosing a front door. Regardless of the material used, modern doors are equipped with ever more sophisticated security systems. A multiple security lock with up to five latches is standard on new models. Additionally attached safety bolts also prevent prying due to unwanted visitors. A security lock also excludes this part of the front door as a vulnerability. Certifications and a division into six resistance classes help with the choice.

Energy savings with the right front door

Doors and windows are the weakest places where heat escapes most frequently. For front doors, the combination of wood and aluminum achieves the best insulation properties. Plastic models can achieve comparable results through appropriate seals. Glass doors should consist of a special heat-insulating glass for optimum insulation. This can be combined with safety glass at the same time, recommended for glass doors. In order to optimize the energy savings, the frame and the threshold should also be insulated. The heat can not escape through the cracks.

Good sound insulation

Sound insulation must not be neglected either. Most front doors face the street, where many different sound sources quickly reach a noisy noise level. Here, the correct installation of the door is essential, as sufficient sound insulation is only then given. The common house doors are marked with a soundproofing value. This is in the optimal case about 37 decibels. The higher the value, the better the sound insulation.

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