Flowers for shady locations - Top 5

Flowers for shady locations - Top 5

A large selection of flowers shows their lush flowers and variety of colors especially in a shady spot in the garden.

Shady location - flowers that grow well here

The lighting conditions are not optimal in every garden. Anyone who is a garden lover, sees it as a challenge to just green shady places. Variety in the garden brings a permanently blooming shade garden. On hot summer days, perennials need a lot of water in a shady spot.

The Stork's Beak - Rhapsody in Blue

One of the most beautiful groundcover plants that thrive in the Shadow Garden is the bright blue stork's beak. The countless flowers fascinate when looking at. The soil should be nutrient-rich and permeable for the stork beak to thrive. It grows between 20 and 30 cm tall and blooms from June to August. In autumn, the dark green leaves turn red. Snails do not like the storkbill.

Rhododendron - multi-faceted and unique

An eye-catcher in every shady garden is a rhododendron, whether in red, pink, white or purple. He shows his big flowers in spring. The evergreen leaves are admirable throughout the year. On humus rich, lime soil this plant thrives particularly well. The rhododendron can also be easily propagated by offshoots.

The Astilbe - there are 45 species

The Astilbe is one of the flowers that love a shady location and thrive there excellent. It likes to grow in height and can be up to 50 cm high. The delicate leaves and the long flower panicles give this flower something filigree. When exuding in spring, the leaves light up reddish. The aster-beet grows best in nutrient-rich, moist and loamy cool soil.

Autumn anemones - robust and easy-care

In autumn, when the flowers of the other flowers wither, the autumn anemone flowers. They are available in different ways. However, they all have one thing in common: The clarity of their flowers is fascinating. Autumn anemones are very durable. The soil should be loamy, rich in humus and nutrients. A shady spot is perfect for these flowers.

Ferns love the shade

A shady spot is just the place for the fern. The beautiful leaf ornamental plants give every garden something exotic. A special eye-catcher is the fern "Golden Brilliant". Its leaves sparkle between the green of the plants in golden tones. It grows up to 35 cm high and is a highlight in any garden.

Conclusion Schattengarten

With the right plants, the shady spot in the garden can become a colorful blob.

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